We build tools
that spread knowledge







Tools that spread knowledge.

Technologies for sharing, storing, and accessing ideas. Ways to get a thought out of your head and into mine.

It’s hard to think of inventions that have shaped the trajectory of humankind like these. Writing gave us Antiquity, the printing press the Enlightenment, the telegraph the Gilded Age, and computers the Information Age.

When knowledge moves faster, the wheel of progress spins faster.

Today, an idea can travel from Helsinki to San Francisco in milliseconds, and spread across the planet in hours. Our pockets fit 130M books, 100M research papers, and 2B websites. Any fact is but a Google search away.

Unfortunately, the workplace – the core unit within which we are productive on a daily basis – has been left behind. Somehow, we’ve ended up with a world where it’s easier to navigate all of public human knowledge than it is to understand what your company knows.

This is what Realm exists to solve.

We build tools that spread knowledge – so that all of us can reach higher.

Call us friendly,
ambitious nerds

Realm team photo
Realm’s founders Johan Jern, Miika Huttunen, and Mikko Mäntylä.

We believe that

Great products are built by small, intensely focused teams who make a problem their world.

Great progress is more attainable than people assume. Asking the right questions gets you most of the way there.

Great companies are not born great, they learn to be great. Effort compounds.

Great people to work with are curious, deeply caring, optimistic, and a bit quirky.

Realm’s cultural core is friendly, ambitious nerds. It’s who we are and what we hire for.

Backed by

Lifeline Ventures

Petteri Koponen

Founding Partner

Timo Ahopelto

Founding Partner

Teemu Mattila


And industry leaders

Ilkka Paananen
Co-founder & CEO of Supercell
Miki Kuusi
Co-founder & CEO of Wolt
Robert Gentz
Co-founder & Co-CEO of Zalando
Eléonore Crespo
Co-founder & CEO of Pigment
Oskari Saarenmaa
Co-founder & CEO of Aiven
Kristo Ovaska
Co-founder of Smartly
Anssi Rusi
CEO of Supermetrics
Marianne Vikkula
COO of Wolt
Riku Mäkelä
COO, International at DoorDash
Guy Podjarny
Co-founder & President of Snyk
Jussi Laakkonen
Co-founder & CEO Noice
Otto Hilska
Founder & CEO of Swarmia
Peter Downs
Founder, ex-Director of Engineering of Pipe
Jiri Heinonen
Co-founder of Swappie
Usman Masood,
Founder, ex-CTO of Pipe
Bjarke Klinge Staun
Angel investor
Thijn Lamers
Founding team of Adyen
Anniina Sulku
Angel investor

Join Us

We are always looking for friendly, ambitious nerds.
Check out our open roles below, or send an open application to team@withrealm.com.

Sales Development

We are looking for someone to accelerate our outbound sales. You will work closely with Realm founders to ensure we consistently contact the right prospects with sharp messaging at the right time.

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AI/Search Engineer

Realm combines a hybrid search engine with an agentic RAG pipeline to accurately understand, retrieve and act on knowledge from across a company’s workspace. We're looking for a AI/Search engineer to work on improving the accuracy, versatility, speed, and measurability of this system.

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Full-Stack Engineer

We are looking for a product-minded full-stack engineer to build a product with us that our early customers and, eventually, anyone working at a fast-growing company will love.

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